Are you ready to sell your house?  Selling the house that has been your home for some time can be an emotional and stressful process.  Additionally, it's one of the most significant financial moves many of us will make.  This is why it is so important to work with a full time agent with whom you are comfortable with and who brings experience and knowledge to your transaction.

In today's real estate market, it takes much more than a sign in the front yard to sell a house.  A more successful, timely sale will be the result of using available technology, marketing experience and knowledge of the current real estate market.

Once you have decided to sell your house, the next step is to turn the task over to a Listing Agent.  So I'd like to invite you to talk about your selling options and how I can market and sell your home for top dollar.


  • Inform and guide you through the entire process.
  • Listen to your needs to understand your real estate objectives and expectations.
  • Properly prepare forms, contracts and disclosures, which are required by law, and make sure that they are legally correct
  • Assist you in preparing the house for sale.
  • Guide you regarding repairs or updates that should be made.
  • Handle problems issues that arise during the transaction and keep you informed.
  • Research for and provide you with comparable sales data to assist in pricing the house competivtively.  
  • Prepare and manage a multi-channel marketing plan for maximum exposure.
  • Show your house to potential buyers and their agents in an effective and professional manner.
  • Guide you in evaluating offers.
  • Guide you in negottiating the most beneficial contract.
  • Help you spot buyers who are attempting to take advantage of you.
  • Help you understand the use and limitations of good faith deposits.
  • Coordinate buyer's inspections of the property.
  • Advise you as to when you should seek the advice of an attorney.
  • Make sure the appraisal process is handled properly.
  • Help you to understand the complete escrow/closing and title process.
  • Properly handle the final walk-through process prior to the closing.
  • Advise you as to what course of action should be taken if the buyer refuses to close the transaction.
  • Negotiate and deal effectively on your behalf with the buyers, other agents, escrow/closing, title people and attorneys.
  • See that each and every facet of the buying process is effectively and professionally handled in your best interest.
  • Oversee the closing process on your behalf.

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